Academic articles and essays

Legal History as Economic History, in The Oxford Handbook of Historical Legal Research (Christopher Tomlins and Markus D. Dubber eds., Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2018)

Two Centuries of Policing Swindles and Humbugs, Reviews in American History (forthcoming 2018) (reviewing Edward J. Balleisen, Fraud: An American History from Barnum to Madoff (2017))

The Long History of “Truth in Lending, 30 Journal of Policy History 236 (2018) 

City of Debtors: Law, Loan Sharks, and the Shadow Economy of Urban Poverty, 1900-1970, 17 Enterprise & Society 734 (2016)

Remaking the “Law of the Poor”: Williams v. Walker-Thomas Furniture Co. (1965), in The Poverty Law Canon: Exploring the Major Cases (Ezra Rosser and Marie Failinger eds., University of Michigan Press, 2016)

Response, The Long Shadow of Doctrine, 163 University of Pennsylvania Law Review Online 337 (2015)

The Rise and Fall of Unconscionability as the “Law of the Poor,” 102 Georgetown Law Journal 1383 (2014)

The Borrower’s Tale: A History of Poor Debtors in Lochner Era New York City, 30 Law & History Review 1053 (2012) 

Other articles and essays

“Federal Regulation of Payday Loans Is Actually a Win for States’ Rights,” Made by History, Washington Post, October 9, 2017

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